Case Studies


Manufacturing and Distribution-

Industrial Ventilation Products Company

Challenge: Investors had purchased an old company that imported high quality products from Europe. Sales had dwindled down almost to nothing prior to their purchase but there was a huge installed base of customers.

Solution: A review of the competitive landscape by RBS found the company had an important price advantage over one key group of competitor products yet could match or exceed the quality of those competitor products.

By focusing on that competitive advantage a network of 300 distributors was developed across North America.

A multi-channel strategy was developed that also allowed the company to sell direct to OEM (original equipment manufacturers customers). Placement was also obtained in a catalogue reseller with a circulation of 2,000,000 copies. This also boosted sales.

Custom Prospecting Lists were developed form a proprietary list development process. A new Salesforce Automation Tool was selected and implemented. A data base of 4000 prospects was painstakingly developed and maintained

A new web site was developed which utilized best practices for search engine optimization which increased the number of in-bound calls. New collateral materials were developed for engineers, manufacturer’s representatives, and mechanical contractors.

The sales volume, over time, was doubled to over $1 million dollars for the first time in years. Every year of this campaign including 2009 was a profitable year. The strength and diversity of the distribution channels and new repeat business customer base will deliver benefits to the owners for years to come


Technology Consulting and Services

Internet Strategy and Technology Consulting Group

Challenge: Company needed to increase the number and quality of new prospects at the VP level or higher.

Solution: A review of the company’s service offerings revealed that their supply chain consulting practice was a highly marketable offering.

Custom lists of prospects were created. Telephone campaigns were launched with direct involvement in the trenches by RBS.

New first meetings were established at the VP, CIO, and CEO levels for companies that needed supply chain upgrade.

New customers included, for example, Juniper Networks with a $950,000 contract whereby the client was able to displace the incumbent vendor of KPMG. Campbell Foods was another high profile account developed from this process.

A representative project focused on the business process change needed to support roll out of Manugistics supply management software with the leading contract manufacturers in North America. Another representative account was the development of blueprint for supply chain upgrade for Campbell’s Soup, a Fortune 500 consumer products company.


Financial Services-Estate and Investment Planning

Challenge: High level boutique firms needed to increase the number of new prospects with a net worth of $5-10 million dollars.

Solution: A process was established and implemented for several estate and investment services companies who worked in the marketplace of public sector executives and private business owners with a net worth of $5-10 million dollars.

Custom lists were developed for high net worth prospects.

Tax planning ideas were identified that differentiated the firm from competitors which in turn helped to attract substantial numbers of new first appointments with business people who met the net worth criteria established by the clients.

RBS was directly involved in lead generation efforts that centered on both cold and warm calling as well as seminar type settings.

The founders of StorageTek and Exabyte, as well as the largest privately owned company in New Jersey, and the fourth largest mechanical contractor in America are examples of high profile clients developed from this account.


Merger and Acquisition

Challenge: Company was poised for growth but needed to expand market share in existing markets and penetrate new markets

Solution: A three year business plan was provided to a company providing Mergers and Acquisitions services to companies with a net worth of $5-100 million dollars that focused on enhanced prospecting process and sector targeting for new clients.

A review of the lead generation of the firm’s history established a benchmark for measuring return on investment for direct mail as compared with telemarketing by staff leads and those leads generated by partner level efforts.

A custom networking plan was established for each partner that improved the focus and productivity of available networking and referral cultivation time. New industry sectors were indentified and plans laid to capture meaningful market share in those targeted sectors. A careful review of past transactions reviewed substantial numbers of new referral opportunities.


Information Technology and Professional Services

Challenge: Existing sales team was underperforming. Better sales productivity was needed to for a provider of tax and legal information services to launch new CD-ROM and Internet based information offerings.

Solution: Hands on involvement in the sales process provided new benchmarks for new prospecting strategies and outbound calling metrics. Sales results demonstrated that far greater productivity per sales professionals were possible and the specific means to measure progress towards this higher productivity.

New clients constituted New England’s top tier in Tax Accounting and Tax Law professional advisory firms.

New techniques were identified to improve the knowledge transfer process that was a critical prelude to the roll out of new information products.

Revised standards of customer service proved that enhanced customer service could lead to the reactivation of dormant accounts as well as the expansion of new customer accounts.